The 5th District Now Includes Davidson, Williamson, Wilson, Maury, Lewis and Marshall County + A Map For You To Find Out If You’re In The District

Huge news to report. The TN Senate has just passed a new map for the 5th District. I’m pleased the new district includes South Davidson County, East Davidson County, half of Wilson County, 2/3 of Williamson County and all of Maury, Lewis and Marshall County. We couldn’t be more excited to fight for these counties! Here’s a link where you can zoom down to street level to see if you’re in the district (We’re the yellowish/light orange portion: https://davesredistricting.org/maps#viewmap::fa26c312-76ed-411d-8ebe-7158af057f76

If you made it in, please don’t forget to volunteer or ask for a yard sign by emailing Kristin@Starbuck2022.com

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