Robby’s Visit To The Southern Border

My wife Landon has had it on her heart for months to organize a rally + march to bring attention to the horrific human/sex trafficking at our southern border. Seeing the continued failures of the Biden Administration to act, she finally had enough and organized March To The Border. As a husband I couldn’t have been more proud of her, especially because roadblocks popped up constantly in ways that would have led many to give up. She kept charging forward though. Although South Texas isn’t our home, we recognize that under the open border policy we have right now, every state is a border state. Some were confused why 2 Tennesseans did this. Let me remind you of the Alamo. Davy Crockett was a Tennessean but served by defending the Alamo. Later, 30,000+ Tennesseans fought in the Mexican-American War. So again Tennesseans went to Texas because we recognize that what’s happening there will ultimately affect our home. The rally was a huge success, marked most memorably by a survivor of sex trafficking across the border who now speaks about the dangers of how open border policies lead to increased sex trafficking and also by the poster boards Nilsa Alvarez (Latinos for Tennessee) made that showed missing children, many of whom have been lost to child sex trafficking. When you see these children you see how inhumane the Democrat approach truly is. For too long we haven’t explained or shown the public how Democrat policies increase the harm to these vulnerable people. Many are kidnapped and others threatened into coming in order to make money for the cartels. Under President Trump this problem was being fixed, dropping year over year. Under Joe Biden’s open border policy, we see the MOST trafficking and migration in modern history. His approach to our border is nothing short of a betrayal to our nation and these vulnerable women + children who pay the price by being trafficked across Biden’s open border. Talking to all Latino border agents, and myself being the first Latino federal candidate in Tennessee, it struck me how distorted the media narrative has been about the border. For years the Democrats have tried to make border enforcement an issue of race or identity. In fact more than 50% of our border agents are Latino. They’ve simply used race and identity as a get out of jail free card to escape any semblance of a real conversation about border security. Enforcing immigration laws is not about race. It’s about security and the economic wellbeing of a country. We can look to history and see that when countries allow open borders or mass migration, the fall of the nation always happens a short while after. The nations who stand the test of time have always controlled for immigration patterns. The dirty little secret Democrats don’t want the public to know is that IF we end illegal immigration and deport criminals who’ve evaded deportation up until now — Then and only then can we shift resources to FIX our LEGAL immigration system so that people with merit can assimilate and become citizens after they’ve been fully vetted and our economy can handle it. We cannot afford to just let everyone in. No serious country can do that. We have a duty to our nation to protect our borders and I plan to do that in Congress. I’ll fight to give our border agents EVERY tool they need to end this crisis and bring traffickers + cartels to justice. I’ll also fight to finish the wall and designate the cartels as terrorist organizations because that’s what they are. Seeing the areas where we haven’t finished the wall in person because the Biden administration refuses to finish it… It’s infuriating. Below you’ll find a news clip of me giving you some inside information I got from border agents, revealing an item I found on the trip and discussing why Biden’s team only stops immigration from one place: Cuba. In closing, this trip to the border was eye opening and informative. It confirmed what I knew we needed to do. My wife’s determination brought the truth to so many new people and i’m incredibly proud of that. If I could ask one thing of you it would be that you find a way to show appreciation to our border agents, even if it’s just bringing them up to friends, posting on social media or sending a letter to their union. The agents I talked to at the border were really hurt by the lies being told about them in the media and by our own government. They deserve better than this. We all deserve better than this. Robby Starbuck

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