Imagine what they’d do to us if any of us pulled the fire alarm at the Capitol today. Easily 10-20 years in jail for us peasants.

The way this entire thing happened is truly amazing:

- Bowman pulls the fire alarm

- He then claims he thought it would open the door even though it’s a big red box with “FIRE” written on it at a manually operated door

- His spox than claims he was rushing to a vote even…

🚨Hearing the Swamp isn't giving up on passing Ukraine funding🚨

Mitch McConnell & Senate RINOs are working with Dems to force a vote on Ukraine funding either tonight or early next week.

If only these RINOs fought this hard for things that actually helped American citizens!!!

This is an actual book written by a woman named Logan Brown who pretends to be a man. Logan works with children at her job and she wants those kids to think that MEN can get pregnant. Absolutely evil and sick.

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